Is Underfloor Heating Reliable?

Imagine a cold winter’s morning, and instead of being greeted by a cold home, you wake up to a lovely warm inviting environment. Underfloor Heating offers a beautiful way to heat your home. But, is it reliable?

Let’s take a look at the factors you should consider. 

Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

Firstly, what is Electric Floor Heating?

Underfloor Heating involves installing thin electric cables or mats beneath your flooring. These cables convert the electricity to heat, radiating the heat upwards to create a comfortable and efficient warmth. 

It is suitable for a variety of flooring options. Including tiles, floating floors, carpet, vinyl, and more. 

Factors Affecting Reliability

Several factors can affect the reliability of Underfloor Heating

  • Installation: 

Whilst not overly complicated to install, we always recommend engaging one of our trained contractors to complete the installation. Hotwire has a list of installers covering Australia. We strongly recommend you use one of our trained professionals to complete the installation. 

  • Element: 

The electrical standards in Australia are strict. Ensure that whichever company you choose adheres to all the relevant standards. The wrong product will certainly affect the reliability of your system. 

The Thermostat is the only evidence that you have floor heating installed. There are a wide range of options and different models in the market. Make sure you choose a product that looks good and suits your home. 

underfloor heating is reliable and has many benefits

Benefits of Reliable Electric Underfloor Heating

A reliable electric UFH system boasts several advantages:

  • Long lifespan: If installed correctly, Underfloor Heating can last for decades, and provide you with a luxurious home for years to come. 
  • Low maintenance: Underfloor Heating is maintenance-free. Your Thermostat will probably have a backup battery that needs changing occasionally, but other than that, no maintenance is required. 
  • Energy efficiency: Underfloor heating is quite energy efficient if you’ve got solar panels installed better. 
  • Comfort: If you’ve ever experienced floor heating you know it’s amazing. You won’t regret the decision. 
  • Space-saving: Unlike other forms of heating, no wall space is taken up by floor heating (other than the small Thermostat) so you have an invisible heating system.  

Hotwire Heating: Your Partner in Reliable Electric Underfloor Heating

At Hotwire Heating, we are committed to providing you with a reliable heating solution for your home. We’ve invested significantly in training contractors across Australia to help you install your heating. 

You can trust us to deliver. Some of Australia’s biggest and most trusted brands trust Hotwire


Is under floor heating reliable? YES! The vast majority of warranty claims that we receive are due to incorrect installation of the element. Most of those faults are a result of not using an approved or trained installer. So you can install Hotwire knowing that the heating is reliable, luxurious, and great value for money. 

Contact our office today for a quote on your build or renovation at

We know you’ll love your new heating system and love being Hotwired. 

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