What our clients say

Being a middle to upper market builder, I have used Hotwire Undertile Heating for many years. It has added some luxury to my customers bathrooms for a surprisingly fair price.  Easy to lay and modern thermostat make it a win-win for all.

Would recommend it not just as an add-on to a build, but to include in all ensuite/bathroom/kitchen areas of new homes or renovations.

Philip McEvoy

Hotwire offers truly fantastic products that are available through our growing network of 110 stores, Australia wide. The company continues to deliver reliable products backed with prompt and friendly service to all our stores and clients.

Trevor Grindley

I love my Hotwire Under tile heating. Easy to use and provides super toasty warm tiles under bare feet in both our ensuite and main bathroom. Also I love the fact it helps to keep the floor dry, preventing the formation of mould. Even my dog loves it.

Sarah Clark

Using Hotwire Floor Heating for the first time is like flying first class or business class for the first time. It’s not a dire necessity, but damn does it feel good. Trust me, no matter where you live in Australia, you’ll never go back. And the best thing? Hotwire is WAY cheaper than you think.

Affordable Heating Products Australia

Shannon and Simon

We used Hotwire in our first season on The Block and in various projects since. Hotwire is a great product, easy to install and excellent value for money. Hotwire offers brilliant backup and support and we are very happy to recommend them.

Affordable Heating Products Australia

Kyal and Kyara