Floor Heating vs Split Systems

Deciding on the best way to make your home cozy?


You’re not alone. Today, we’re having a chat about the classic Split System Air Conditioners versus Under Floor Heating systems. Let’s unpack the good, the bad, and the toasty warm. 

The Old Faithful: Split System Air Conditioning


If you’ve lived in Australia for a while, you’re familiar with Split Systems. They’ve been the go-to for both the scorching summers and those unexpected chilly nights.

Thumbs Up For:


Flexibility: Cool down in the summer, warm up in the winter. Talk about multitasking!

Pick a Room: Love being able to choose which rooms get the royal temperature treatment? Split systems have your back.

But …….


They Can Be Noisy Neighbours: They’re handy, sure, but they do like to make their presence known with a bit of hum and buzz.

Sniffles Anyone?: If you’re the sneezy type, watch out. The circulating air can stir up dust and other fun stuff.

The New Guy: Under Floor Heating


Stepping onto a warm floor in the morning? Pure bliss. Under Floor Heating is the sleek new option making waves in the comfort game.

Why We’re Fans:


Allergy-Friendly: No gusts of air blowing about means less sneezing and wheezing.

Interior Design Dream: Without clunky units on the wall, your living room looks a whole lot cleaner.

Even Steven: You’re getting that just-right feeling everywhere, not just in one corner.

The Big Picture: Keeping It Green


When it’s about warmth, it’s not just about today. Take Under Floor Heating: it’s not just efficient; it’s kind to Mother Earth. The steady warmth means less yo-yoing temperatures and more saved energy. Great for the earth, and great for the wallet.


The Verdict?


Look, the Split System’s not going anywhere. It’s reliable, and we love it. But Under Floor Heating? It’s like a warm hug for your home. When you’re deciding, think about today and tomorrow. And if you’re imagining a future with warm toes and cozy vibes, Under Floor might be the newcomer you’ve been waiting for.


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