About Us

Origin Story:

The inception of Hotwire was rooted in a genuine need. Back in 2003, while renovating his home, one of our previous directors was looking for a floor heating solution in Australia that was both cost-effective, high quality, and backed up by great service. Quite simply he couldn’t find any floor heating product in Australia that ticked those boxes. 

This sparked an idea: if such a product was absent in the market, it represented a void waiting to be filled. Thus, Hotwire was conceived.

Soon, major Australian companies resonated with our vision, and Hotwire could be found across Australia. 

Capitalising on our ethos, we further branched out into Heated Towel Rails, maintaining our commitment to excellence.

To this day, Hotwire is a proud family-owned company. We are still focused on those original aims of providing great products at a cost-effective price point and backing it up with great service. 

Don’t just take our word for it – our Google Reviews prove it. We’ve got more than any of our competitors and at a 4.9 rating.

The Products

Have you ever stepped onto a cold floor in the middle of a freezing winter? Or reached for a towel that was musty or damp from the day before?

At Hotwire, we’re passionate about helping our customers craft homes that resonate with warmth and comfort. Anchored in Melbourne, our family-owned enterprise stands as a leading wholesaler specialising in under-floor heating solutions and luxurious heated towel rails. Transforming houses into amazing homes, one warm touch at a time.

There’s a profound comfort in feeling warmth rise from beneath your feet, wrapping you in a gentle embrace. Underfloor heating isn’t just about, efficiency or aesthetic appeal; it’s about creating a sanctuary where the cold no longer seeps into your bones. In our fast-paced world, finding solace in simple joys like this can transform a house into a home. Underfloor heating isn’t just a luxury; it’s a reminder that you deserve a space where you feel loved, from the ground up.

Picture the sheer indulgence of being enveloped by a sumptuously warm, incredibly soft, and perfectly toasty towel. Every fiber feels like a gentle embrace, caressing your skin, chasing away the chill, and wrapping you in unparalleled opulence. The heated towel rail doesn’t just warm your towel it makes everyday feel like a visit to a five-star resort. It’s the epitome of decadent relaxation and refined elegance, seamlessly intertwining to redefine your bathroom rituals.

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