Under Tile Heating Mats
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Under Tile Heating Mats

Under Tile Heating Mats

Hotwire Heating Mats offer all the benefits of Hotwire Under Tile Heating with the added bonus of the element being already fixed to a mesh.

This makes installation a breeze as you simply roll out the system across your floor. As with all Hotwire products the fully programmable thermostat is standard. You just need to choose which colour you want!

The system provides an invisible, comfortable, fast, dust-free, quiet and energy-saving floor heating solution. The element is only 3.6mm thick. It is ideal for both both new floor construction and retrofit in existing buildings.

A boy and his dog enjoying the warmth of the heated floor

Hotwire Heating mats are a high-quality heating mat with single cold tail. The heating cable is evenly pre-spaced on self adhesive fibreglass mesh.

All Hotwire Floor Heating systems include, Heating Element, Fully programmable Touch Screen Thermostat, Alarm, Tape, Manual, Temperature Probe. WiFi and Dual Thermostats are available as an upgrade.

Upgrade to a WiFi Thermostat for only $170