In Screed Heating
In Screed Heating

In Screed Heating is ideal if you are installing a sand and cement screed over a floor surface or planning a polished concrete floor.

Whether you are building a new bathroom or an extended living area In Screed Heating is a prefect solution. The element sits approximately 40mm deep in the screed and spreads an even warmth throughout the entire room.

In Screed heating provides beautiful, cozy, even heat for all parts of the home and is especially suitable for wet areas. It is perfect for a bathroom as the heating will not only heat the floor but also dry the floor meaning less mould and therefore less cleaning.

The In Screed element is either laid under a sand and cement screed or fixed to the concrete re enforcement if you are installing a polished concrete floor.

If you need an installer we can help there too. Hotwire was the largest network of qualified floor heating installers in Australia. Simply look up the closest installer to you on our “Installations” page.

All Hotwire Floor Heating systems include, Heating Element, Fully programmable Touch Screen Thermostat, Alarm, Tape, Manual, Temperature Probe. WiFi and Dual Thermostats are available as an upgrade.

Upgrade to a WiFi Thermostat for only $170

Under Tile Heating Mats
In Screed Heating mats
Under Tile Heating Mats

Hotwire Heating Mats offer all the benefits of Hotwire Under Tile Heating with the added bonus of the element being already fixed to a mesh.

This makes installation a breeze as you simply roll out the system across your floor. As with all Hotwire products the fully programmable thermostat is standard. You just need to choose which colour you want!