In-Screed Heating Mats

In Screed Heating mats are a simple and easy solution to install In Screed Heating. 

Simply roll the heating mat out across the floor and screed over the top. Heating mats are ideal for a bathroom, laundry or wet room. Your home will be lovely and warm and thoroughly luxurious. 

The Heating Mats are not only simple to install but offer an amazing heating solution. You’ll wonder how you ever survived winter without your floor heating.  

In Screed Heating mats are perfect for a renovation or new build, as only the floor needs to be replaced to install.

Generally In Screed Heating would be used in Wet Areas. It is also used in larger areas if you are planning a polished concrete floor.

Depending on the finished floor depth and flooring you use, you can expect a lovely warm floor in 2-3 hours. As every Hotwire system is supplied with a fully programmable thermostat, you can simply program the system around your lifestyle and it will be warm when you need it.

If you need installation help, Hotwire has the largest network of qualified floor heating installers in Australia. So simply visit our “Installations” page and find your closest installer.

All Hotwire Floor Heating systems include, Heating Element, Fully programmable Touch Screen Thermostat, Alarm, Tape, Manual, Temperature Probe. WiFi and Dual Thermostats are available as an upgrade.

Upgrde to a WiFi Thermostat for only $170