Can Under Floor Heating Crack Tiles?


It’s a great question. I am glad you asked, as it is a question we do get quite a bit. Can under floor heating crack tiles?

Before we answer the questions, let’s make sure we are all on the same page and understand exactly what we are talking about when we say, “Floor Heating”. There are a few products that come under this banner but all achieve the same result.

Understanding UnderTile Heating

Undertile heating, also known as Undertile or Underfloor heating, is a modern luxury. It ensures your house stays warm even on the coldest day. Imagine stepping into a nice warm bathroom in the middle of winter instead of being greeted by freezing-cold tiles.

The Science Behind Underfloor Heating

So, how does underfloor heating work? It involves installing heating cables or mats beneath your tiles. These systems gently warm the floor. The heat is consistent and spreads evenly. This is the key to Floor Heating. As the heat is distributed evenly across the tiles, no one tile experiences a greater heat variation than the other.

can underfloor heating crack tiles?

Why Tiles Don’t Crack

Tiles are designed to withstand significant temperature variations, as you probably know, tiles are fired in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. High-quality tiles are especially durable, but even those at the budget end of the scall will be fine. All tiles undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can handle heat without damage.

The gradual and even heating provided by systems like Hotwire’s is gentle on tiles. As floor heating is a gradual heat up it doesn’t cause the rapid expansion and contraction that leads to cracking.

20 Years of Proof

At Hotwire one of our first-ever customers was Beaumont Tiles. We started our business in 2002 and started selling to Beaumont that same year. In the entire time we have been supplying Beaumont’s we have never had a warranty claim on a cracked tile as a result of the heating. That’s a pretty good result and proof that you don’t have anything to worry about with your tiles and your floor heating.

Choosing the Right System

When choosing a floor heating system, make sure you pay close attention to the different styles of heating that are available and that you choose the correct one.

We have other blogs outlining the different types of heating, you can see that here.

Installation Matters

Installation is another critical factor. Proper installation ensures that the heating system works as intended. It prevents any uneven heating that might harm the tiles. Professional installation by qualified technicians is recommended. This ensures everything is set up correctly and safely. We have a wide range of installers covering Australia. If you are not sure just give our office a call and we will advise you of the closest installer.


In conclusion, underfloor heating does not crack tiles. This is a pretty simple answer to the original question.

So enjoy your floor heating, and enjoy your tiles, they both work great together and will give you years of benefits and enjoyment.

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