Does Under Floor Heating Cause Fires?

Australian winters can be surprisingly cold. Building or renovating a home in Australia needs to take this into account. There are a wide variety of options for heating your home. Including our favorite, the absolute luxury of Under Floor Heating

However, there is a concern that some people have expressed about the possibility of Floor Heating causing a fire. It’s a great question, running heated cables out across a floor does sound like it could be potentially dangerous! So let’s take a look at how floor heating works and answer the question. 

In short, the answer is “No”.

So if that’s enough for you, please read the rest of the website for further information. If not, read on for further explanations and information. 

gears used by electricians to ensure safety of using floor heating

Safety and Standards


Firstly, the very notion of heated cables can sound a little scary. At Hotwire, we adhere to the strictest Electrical Safety Standards. If you want to investigate this further, you can look into IEC60335-2-96 and IEC60800-2009. Each heating element undergoes individual testing to ensure its integrity is not compromised. So you can be confident in the safety of the heating element and the manufacturing quality. At Hotwire, we have been in the Australian market for over 20 years and have a long history of working with Australia’s biggest brands. So you can be assured of our safety standards. 

Has there ever been a fire?


So, has Under Floor Heating ever caused a fire? The answer, certainly with Hotwire products, is a clear and resounding “No”.

Floor heating systems have an excellent safety record around the world. Generally, heating elements are manufactured with built-in safeguards, such as temperature sensors, overheat protection, etc that protect against any issues before there are any possible negative outcomes. 

So you can relax and be confident that your floor heating is safe, and will not cause any issues to your new home. 

That being said, if floor heating is not installed correctly (as with any electrical product) there are potential issues. So we strongly suggest you use one of our recommended installers to install your Floor Heating.

You can click here to see a full list of our extensive network. 

boy and girl enjoying the warmth of heated floor

Other Benefits?


So floor heating is safe, but should you install it in your home? There is a long list of advantages to Floor Heating. Imagine walking into your bathroom on a winter morning, and the whole room is warm and inviting. You won’t even need slippers. If your “significant other” or kids leave their towel on the floor, it will dry anyway! 

In living areas, the advantages are significant too. No unsightly vents, no wall or floor space taken up with heaters, and a lovely even warmth spread throughout the room. 

With a WiFi Thermostat, you can even turn your heating on while driving home from work. 



So, yes, floor heating is safe. It’s also a great addition to your home. It adds value, makes your home an amazing place to live, and is much more affordable than you might think. 

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