Can I connect “Floor Heating” to a Smart Wiring or Smart Home System?

Smart Wiring Floor Heating

As technology continues to advance we are all including much more technology in the building of our new homes and renovations. Power points now include USB ports to charge our devices, our TV’s are all smart and barely even need an antenna, we can even water our garden from an app on our smartphones! 

One of the most significant advances of the last decade or so in home technology has been smart wiring systems.

Put simply, a smart wiring system allows you to control the electrical devices in your home from a central location or app on your smartphone.

There are many different brands of Smart Wiring systems in the market such as,

Power Mesh
Google Home

If you’re adding floor heating to your build the next logical question is, “Can I connect my Floor Heating to a smart wiring system?”

The simple answer is “Yes”, you can connect Hotwire and have all the convenience of Smart Wiring and the luxury of Hotwire Floor Heating. Imagine that! 

In order to get the most out of your Floor Heating and your Smart Wiring system, we suggest you purchase Hotwire with our standard fully programmable thermostat. 

The thermostat will monitor the temperature that the floor heating is set at. Floor Heating should cycle approximately 50% of the time. So by using our Thermostat the floor heating will still cut in and out and allow you to reduce the running costs. 

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1) Install the Hotwire Thermostat

Step 2) Set it to Manual Mode

Step 3) Set the temperature that you require on the screen and turn the thermostat on. 

Step 4) Simply connect the smart wiring system to your Hotwire Thermostat and control what times the system actually comes on and off through your smart wiring system. The Floor Heating will not be on all the time as the Smart Wiring system will only actually give it power when you tell it to. 

If connected in this way you will get all the benefits of the smart wiring system as well as the reduced running costs provided by the Hotwire Thermostat. 

Google Home / Amazon Alexa

Alternatively, you can upgrade to our WiFi Thermostat that also fully integrates with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa systems. 

Simply download the Warmme app and connect it to the Google  / Amazon Home system. You will then have full control of the Floor Heating through Google / Amazon. 

You can even turn it on and off simply by saying, “Hey Google turn on my floor heating”

You can find our more about floor heating and how to integrate it into your new build at

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