10 Answers To Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Floor Heating

floor heating questions

We’ve addressed quite a few questions in this blog regarding floor heating over the last couple of years. However, there are always questions that don’t require an entire blog post to answer.

So here are some quick-fire answers to questions you might have.

1) Will Under Floor Heating raise my floor height?
Not necessarily. That does depend on a few factors, but it might not.If you are using In Screed Heating (If you are not sure read this blog post) then the answer is almost certainly no. The heating element is embedded in the Sand and Cement Screed and will not impact the floor height at all.If you are using Under Tile Heating the floor height may be affected. The heating element is 4mm thick and laid immediately under the tile. Your builder or tiler may prefer to install a skim coat of self leveller. If this is the case, the overall process will increase the floor height by approximately 4 mm.

2) Will Floor Heating crack my tiles?
The short answer is “no”. Tiles are made in a kiln at very high temperatures. The heating element will not damage the tiles or the grout in any way. Some of our biggest customers are retail tile stores and they sell and recommend Hotwire with all their tiles.

3) Can I install Floor Heating myself?
Floor Heating in Australia must be installed by an Electrical Contractor. If in any doubt check with your local Electrician.

4) Where can I purchase Hotwire?
We have retailers all over Australia. Click here to see our Online and all other Retailers.

5) How much is Floor Heating?
It’s a big question with lots of variables. If you want an exact quote send through your plans and we can work it out for you. Put really simply, you should be able to get a standard Bathroom fully installed for around $1,000 and a standard living room for around $3,000. This obviously depends on the size of the room, style of the Thermostat etc. However, Floor Heating is generally cheaper than you think.

floor heating questions

6) Will Floor Heating heat the room?
Sure will, if your heating is installed correctly in a well-insulated home. Floor Heating could be the only heating you need.

7) What if something goes wrong with my Floor Heating?
We’ve published a whole blog on that topic here. Don’t worry we can find the fault without removing the whole floor.

8) What temperature should I set my Floor Heating at?
Most people set their floor heating at around 22. You can set it at a higher temperature but be aware that this will increase your running costs.

9) Do I need to remove my floors?
Yes, sorry. There is no way to install floor heating without at least replacing your flooring.

10) How long does Floor Heating take to install?
Normally a bathroom can be installed in a couple of hours and a living room in 4-5 hours.What did we miss? If there are any questions that we didn’t answer let us know. We’d love to help you out any way we can.We can’t wait to help you get Hotwired.

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