Where is Underfloor Heating Installed?


If you’ve ever stepped onto a toasty warm floor in the midst of a chilly Australian winter morning, you’ve probably experienced the magic of underfloor heating. If your tiles are cold in the morning, then you certainly need to consider floor heating moving forward. 

But have you ever stopped to wonder where exactly this bit of warmth is coming from?

Sure it’s often pretty warm in Australia, but in a lot of the country, winter has a decent bite too. So, underfloor heating has become a popular choice for homeowners. The two major products in this space in Australia are Under Tile Heating and In Screed Heating. Now, if you’re imagining little gnomes under your tiles holding hair dryers, I hate to break it to you, but that’s not quite how it works. Let’s break down these two styles.


  1. Under Tile Heating:

Under Tile Heating is installed right beneath your tiles (or other floor coverings). Imagine a very thin electric blanket, but instead of snuggling with it on a cold night, it lies beneath your feet. This system ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and rises quickly, warming up your room almost instantly. Whether it’s tiled in your bathroom or a laminated floor in your living area, under-tile heating is there to give your home the warmth you want and need.


  1. In Screed Heating:

This one’s a bit more ‘under the hood’, so to speak. Installed within the sand and cement screed (that’s the layer between your main floor substrate and your tiles), this system is slightly more embedded. Think of it as the difference between a light jacket and a full-on winter coat; it takes a bit longer to feel the warmth, but when it does get going, it offers a deep and thorough heat. While it may not provide that instant toasty feel like its counterpart, it provides consistent warmth that many homeowners swear by.

So, why the difference?

The choice between the two largely depends on the construction timeline, the type of flooring, and sometimes just personal preference. Under Tile Heating is often chosen for its rapid heat-up time, making it especially popular for spaces like bathrooms where you might want that instant warmth underfoot. In Screed Heating, on the other hand, is a heavyweight contender when it comes to larger spaces or areas where a sustained, consistent warmth is preferred.

You can see another blog post here that explains the differences perfectly. The difference between Under Tile Heating and In Screed Heating

In conclusion, the next time you’re sipping on your morning cuppa and relishing the warmth under your feet, you’ll know exactly where it’s coming from. Whether it’s the swift warmth of Under Tile Heating or the enduring embrace of In Screed Heating, you can be sure that there’s more going on beneath those tiles than meets the eye. 

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