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So you are building or renovating. You’ve been dreaming of it for years. You’ve planned and built your Pinterest boards and you’re ready to go. You’ve read the renovating blogs and watched “The Block” and you know you want floor heating but how do you decide which company to use? There are quite a few companies offering a variety of products that all look similar, it can get quite confusing. So we’ve put together this simple guide to help you choose a great company.

1) Who sells their products?

Great products are sold and stocked by other great companies. One of the best ways to check if the product is reliable is to see who is selling it. Larger retail companies ensure that all the products they sell are reliable and have great back up and support. It is a simple way to check if the company you are considering has a product you can trust.

2) Social Proof

Have their products been used on TV Renovation Shows etc? Whilst anyone can pay to have their products on a home renovation show, the shows and TV networks are also quite picky to ensure that the products they show are reliable. After all it is their reputation that is on the line too. Has the company you’re considering had any exposure in this area and have they been used regularly?

3) Google Reviews

Websites are great, brochures are very helpful, but they are all written by the companies themselves. Google Reviews are a great way to check if a company does what they say they are going to do. If there is a negative review, has the company responded and taken action to solve the problem? Are there a good selection of positive reviews covering both product and service.

4) Up to date product offering

Does the company continue to invest in their products? Are they offering the latest technology? For example, do they offer a WiFi Thermostat? Can it connect to smart home systems such as Google and Amazon?

5) Installers

Many floor heating companies offer great products, but what about help with installation? Check if the company you are considering can help you with a qualified installer. Even if you are thinking about installing the product yourself or your Electrician is going to install it, you may need help at some point. For example, what if there is a problem with the product? If they don’t have installers will they have someone who can help you if there is an issue?

6) Product Range

There are a variety of floor heating solutions available. In Screed, Under Tile, Heating Mats etc. You may not need all of these options but it shows the company has a good range and has invested in their products.

7) Warranty and support

What is their warranty and follow up process. If you have a problem do they have the people to support you and fix your issue?

If you get great answers to all these questions you’ve got a company and a product you can trust.

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