Which Floor Heating is used on The Block?

Floor Heating The Block

Channel 9’s ‘The Block’ is every renovation-loving Australian’s favourite show. Did you know it has been on our screens since 2003?!

Every season Scott Cam and Keith find new ways to make it challenging and to torture the contestants!  

Since 2014 Hotwire Floor Heating has been a part of the show, (thanks to our amazing friends at Beaumont Tiles) with nearly every contestant choosing to use Hotwire Floor Heating in their bathroom designs. Kyal and Kara even used Hotwire through their living areas!

Floor Heating The Block

Kyal and Kara have continued to be great fans of Hotwire, and we’re thrilled they’ve provided us with this glowing testimonial….

We used Hotwire in our first season on The Block and in various projects since. Hotwire is a great product, easy to install and excellent value for money. Hotwire offers brilliant backup and support and we are very happy to recommend them.

Some contestants have even been criticised if they didn’t use Hotwire.

“I would have expected underfloor heating” 

Shayna Blaze on Darren and Dee’s Bathroom

Darren Palmer also criticised them for not having Hotwire. In the end they only just lost that week. They probably would have won the room if they’d used Hotwire. I bet Dee and Darren wished they had that decision to make again!

It’s clear if you are going to have a great bathroom you need to have Hotwire Floor Heating installed. 

While the contestants have never been contracted nor obliged to use Hotwire for their underfloor heating choice, they almost always do. In fact in 8 years of show history, Hotwire Heating has been used in the vast majority of the bathroom designs and has never not been included in a winning bathroom. Something the team at Hotwire are immensely proud of. So why are we the leading brand of choice for underfloor heating?  

Well, The Block is every bit as crazy as it looks like on the TV. If we can install our state of the art, on demand heating product in the midst of construction chaos with  a plasterer, plumber and electrician all standing over us on a time deadline,and still produce a fabulous result, we can do it for anyone.   We’ve been there late into the night, and very early in the morning to help contestants get the results they need.  Lucky for us you can be really quiet when installing Hotwire so even if it is after the cut off time for power tools, we can still be there helping the contestants get that winning room. 

So if you are looking for an affordable heating solution for your bathroom, then look no further than Hotwire. If it can offer a great heating solution in the pressure cooker of The Block we can certainly help you with your bathroom renovation. 

In 2019 we launched our WiFi Floor Heating Thermostat. This is an amazing product that can even be connected to Google Home. Most of the contestants have used this product. Imagine being on the way home from work and just telling your phone to turn on your floor heating! 

In more recent times,  we have had to work through Covid 19 issues  including  onsite restrictions and still managed to offer a great service and help the contestants deliver that winning room. 

Make sure you tune in this year to see the amazing houses being built and see which ones use Hotwire. Our CEO Luke has been right through all the finished houses on this season and said some of the finished products are incredible. We can’t give anything away but with all the houses being completely different shapes and sizes there are some amazing results. 

Hotwire on The Block again in 2021!

PS Check out our “Installation in a minute” video here.

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