A Step by Step Guide for Installing Floor Heating


Have you ever stepped onto cold tiles on a winter morning? It’s not pleasant, but the good news is that there is another option. 

Floor Heating makes the floor warm, heats the room, and even dries it out too. 

Following is a step-by-step guide on how to install, or prepare for, underfloor heating to be installed. Go on, you deserve it. 

Why Choose Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor Heating keeps the floor warm, sure that is a given, but it also does so much more. It dries the floor, which reduces mold and therefore reduces cleaning. 

This makes your bathroom a healthier place to be, as I am sure you agree, a reduction of mold and fewer chemicals from clearing products are all great outcomes. 

 Add to all of that floor Heating also heats the entire space, not just the floor, and the real question becomes, why wouldn’t you install floor heating?

Another but no less significant benefit is the reduction of your carbon footprint. If you are using less energy than other forms of floor heating, you are helping the environment. 

step by step

Step 1: Planning and Preparation

Before you start to install floor heating there are some key things you need to do to prepare properly. 

  1. Measure the area: Start by measuring the floor area. Floor Heating systems are generally made for quite a precise area, so approximate measurements will generally not be good enough.  
  2. Prepare the subfloor: Ensure the floor is clean and dry. Give it a good sweep and Vacuum. 

Step 2: Installation

Now you’ve completed the pre-installation or preparation side of things, let’s move on to the actual installation.

  1. Install the heating element: Whether you are using heating mats or a loose wire style, follow the installation instructions closely. The first step is to read the manual. We get so many questions from people who have caused themselves issues by not reading the instructions.  
  2. Connect the alarm. All good Under Floor Heating systems come with an alarm. This monitors the element while the flooring is being installed. If it gets damaged an alarm is sounded. 
  3. Connect the Thermostat

Connect the Thermostat, again paying close attention to the instructions. 

installed floor heating

Step 3: Flooring Installation

Once that is all done it is time to lay the flooring. 

  1. Choose compatible flooring: Not all flooring will work with Under Floor Heating so make sure you check with the warranty conditions of your flooring. 
  2. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines: Each flooring system may also have its method of installation over floor heating so be sure to check the details. 

enjoying the warmth of underfloor heating

Step 4: Enjoy the Warmth and Luxury

That’s it. Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a great floor heating system and an amazing new space to enjoy living in. 

Remember, if you ever need assistance or have any questions, our team at Hotwire Heating is always here to help. Reach out for whatever help you need. 


Floor Heating is amazing. We know you’ll love it. 

Hopefully, this blog helped you understand the benefits and the process of installation. 


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