The Best Under Floor Heating?

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A question often asked when shopping for heating solutions is “What’s the best underfloor heating?”

Well, the answer to this question is not as simple as you might think.  We need to remember that every home is unique meaning the answer to this question may not be the same for everyone.

Things to consider when shopping for the best underfloor heating include:

  • Where you live – location can make a difference
  • Who is going to install the underfloor heating
  • What type of build or renovation you are planning
  • The overall result that is desired after installation – in terms of both the overall look and feel

So the answer to what would seem to be a simple enough question does deserve further consideration as well as further investigation.  Why don’t we look at each of the underfloor heating options and consider the factors that might make it the best underfloor heating solution for you.

best underfloor heating

In Screed Heating

  • Ideal if you are installing a sand and cement screed over a floor surface or planning a polished concrete floor. (Screeds are generally not used in Victoria)
  • Can be easier for the builder than other forms of heating.
  • Lovely even heat throughout your home

best underfloor heating

Heating Mat

  • As the element is already fixed to a mesh installation is breeze – perfect for DIY
  • Offers all the benefits of other forms of floor heating
  • Minimal increase to floor height

best underfloor heating

Under Tile Heating

  • Under Tile Heating is the most popular heating solution. The element is installed immediately under the tile.
  • Great for larger areas – can heat a room, open living space or an entire house
  • Ideal if you are renovating
  • Little difference to floor level due to size of element

While the best underfloor heating will differ for each person there is one thing each heating solution will be sure to provide.  That is an automated heating system which will suit your lifestyle and have you loving your new home or renovation.

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