Underfloor Heating Technology

Underfloor Heating Technology

Did you know that the concept of underfloor heating is a technology dating back to Roman times?  Underfloor heating has come a long way since those early Roman days.  It is an ancient technology revolutionised for modern times.  In 2019 Hotwire can offer the latest technology at an extremely affordable price.  What does this means for you?  It means that underfloor heating, one of the most cost effective and simple heating methods, is an added touch of luxury that can be enjoyed in your home.

Hotwire can offer you a number of different underfloor heating solutions to suit your needs.  Options include:

  • Under Tile Heating
  • Heating Mats
  • In Screed Heating

All are offered in a kit which includes a fully programmable touch screen thermostat.  Hotwire touch screen thermostats come in white, black or silver meaning they can be coordinated to suit your home décor and furnishing.

For those seeking to keep up with the latest technology, there is the option to upgrade to Hotwire’s Wi-Fi thermostat.  The Wi-Fi thermostat is controlled via a Mobile app meaning you can control your underfloor heating at any time from any place.

Not only can you have the latest technology at your fingertips. Hotwire Underfloor Heating provides many other benefits including:

  • Evenly heated living spaces throughout your home
  • The elimination of cold spots
  • An energy efficient heating solution
  • A living environment that is healthier and more hygienic

We all know “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  While the Romans may have come up with the concept of underfloor heating this ancient technology has certainly seen some revolutionary changes over the years.   Why not become part of the revolution by installing Hotwire Underfloor Heating in your home.

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