Tears, stress and then the rescue: How to find faults with under floor heating

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A customer called our office this week in tears.

She has just finished a major renovation project. We all know how stressful that can be. Dealing with council approvals, delays due to weather, tradies rescheduling it can be enough to send you to a therapist!

In this case she didn’t need a therapist but she did need our help.

The project was finished, signed off, done, completed. They were moving into their new home and ready to enjoy all the little luxuries they had worked so hard for including their under floor heating.

They were testing everything and playing with all the new features of their home. Then it came to the under floor heating………

No matter what they did, they simply couldn’t get it working. This happens sometimes and when it does, it is generally a simple issue of programming the thermostat correctly. However in this case an Electrician had checked the element and it had been damaged.

Picturing jack hammers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and tilers tearing her beautiful new bathroom apart to repair her floor heating was too much….



Understandably she was upset.

Hotwire to the rescue.

No matter how the heating element is damaged we can fix it without any of the above. I’ll be honest we do have warranty claims, it’s rare but we do have them. Full disclosure, sometimes the element gets damaged and for whatever reason the floor is finished before anyone realises. (This shouldn’t happen by the way, we have an alarm to monitor this)

BUT when it happens we can find it. We have all sorts of fancy stuff (technical electrical term) to help us find it. Including a thermal imaging camera. This picture shows how easy it is to find a fault. That is a completely tiled floor, we can see straight through!

We do need to remove a tile to fix the floor heating, but generally only one or two, repair the element and replace the tile.

So crisis averted, element repaired, one tile replaced, minimal stress, under floor heating back up and running and she is now enjoying everything she was looking for from her floor heating.

Hotwire to the rescue.

Need help with your floor heating? Even if you have a different brand we can help. Contact us today on 1300HOTWIRE

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