Installing Underfloor Heating

Installing Underfloor Heating

The decision to go ahead with underfloor heating has been made.  Whilst some thought may have been given to the installation what is the best way forward?

Hotwire Heating have accredited installers located around Australia.  Installation is easily completed by these installers who will help achieve a professional, customised result for your home.  A list of Hotwire underfloor heating accredited installers can be found on the Hotwire Heating website.

Perhaps you are a competent home handy person?  If so, in some states and territories part of the installation may be able to be done by you.  Please note though that in some states and territories the installation of Hotwire must be performed entirely by a licensed electrical contractor. Also note, the connection to the thermostat/controller must always be done by a licensed electrical contractor. Remember it is always best to check with your local electrical authority to verify the requirements in your state or territory.

There are a number of resources on the Hotwire Heating website including Installation Manuals for all the various types of underfloor heating and thermostats/controllers.  Be sure to read these as they include important information.  Reading these will not only assist you but will also save you time and money.

Hotwire Heating also has its very own YouTube channel.  Be sure to check it out and watch underfloor heating being installed.

Need further information?  Hotwire Heating is always happy to help.  Call 1300 HOTWIRE or email [email protected]

Hotwire Heating is sure to Warm Your Soul

Installing Underfloor Heating

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