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underfloor heating summer

Summer is the perfect time to be thinking about Hotwire underfloor heating.  Surely not you say.  Well what better time to start planning that dream home or long overdue renovation.   Don’t just dream it.  Do it!

Be sure to consider underfloor heating when the dreaming ends and the planning begins.  It is a great inclusion for any home.  Image your new bathroom with luxurious underfloor heating making those chilly tiles warm under foot on a cold winter’s day.

Take it to the next level by adding a heated towel rail.  Image toasty warm towels to wrap around yourself in the colder months.  Hotwire has styles and colours to suit your décor.

Couple your underfloor heating and heated towel rail with one of Hotwire’s fabulous touchscreen Dual Thermostats.    The Dual Thermostat has two zones.  One for the underfloor heating which allows you to set the heating temperature and the time you want the floor heating to turn on and off.  The other zone allows you to program the time you would like your heated towel rail to turn on and off.  It couldn’t be simpler.

Need a little more persuading?  Take some time to consider the following:

  • Underfloor heating is energy efficient with low running costs – check out Hotwire’s Floor Heating Calculator Running Cost
  • Underfloor heating is non allergenic – no forced air blowing around dust
  • Underfloor heating is completely safe – no gas leaks to fret about
  • Underfloor heating is a space saver – no need for the inclusion of a bulky heater or heating duct

Whether you are in the midst of planning to renovate your existing home or planning to build a brand new abode be sure to give some thought about including Hotwire underfloor heating. It is an inclusive that should be considered no matter what time of year it is.  Whether it is Summer, Autumn, Spring or Winter think Hotwire.

underfloor heating summer

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