Advantages of Under Floor Heating


With so many heating options on the market it pays to shop around and find the best solution to suit your needs.  Perhaps you have never considered Under Floor Heating?  Here are some reason why you should and why it could be the perfect heating solution to keep you toasty and warm in the cooler months.


As under floor heating radiates from the floor to the roof it provides an even, ambient temperature.  This creates a pleasant warmth at a lower temperature.

Energy Efficient

Utility bills are often in the news for all the wrong reasons.  There always seems to be yet another price rise on the horizon.    Underfloor heating is a great inclusion in your home as it provides warmth at a lower temperature than other conventional heaters.  What this means for you is lower running costs provided by a more efficient heating solution.

No Maintenance

Under floor heating requires little maintenance.  In the unlikely event there is an issue a Hotwire professional can use a thermal imaging camera to locate the issue and do the repair.   So forget those thoughts about needing to rip up an entire floor.  The only thing necessary will be to lift a tile or two, do the repair and relay the tiles.

Easy to Install

Hotwire Heating offers a number of heating options.  This includes Under Tile “Loose Wire” Heating Systems, Under Tile Heating Mats and Inscreed Heating Systems.  What is the best system for you?  That depends on a number of variables.  A chat with one of our Under Floor Heating specialists can point you in the right direction.  If Under Floor Heating is part of a build or renovation project it can be installed with ease.  You may be able to do the install especially if you are a handy DIYer.

Space Saver

Imagine being able to enjoy a whole room without the inclusion of any bulky heaters or radiators.  Another bonus is that Under Floor Heating requires no additional costly duct work.

Non Allergenic

With the lovely radiant heat provided by Under Floor Heating there is no “forced air” blowing around dust and other particles in an effort to distribute heat.  This means any existing dust and allergens will not be disturbed which in turn means cleaner air for you.

With all these wonderful advantages what’s not to love about Under Floor Heating?

Hotwire Heating is here to warm your soul.

Advantages of Under Floor Heating

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