Is Underfloor Heating Expensive To Run?

Is Underfloor Heating Expensive To Run

Are you among the many under the misconception that under floor heating is expensive to run?  Well you might be surprised to learn that Under Floor Heating can be quite economical to run.  Remember hot air naturally rises which means under floor heating systems do not need additional energy to project heat to the areas it is needed unlike other heating methods.

Under floor heating systems can be zoned with each zone having its own thermostat/controller.  This means each under floor heating system can be switched on as required in the areas (or zones) that you want heated.  You may only use heating over a few hours in the morning and in the evening.  With under floor heating being controlled by a thermostat the choice is yours.

Other factors which can influence the running cost of Under Floor Heating include:

  • The size and design of your home
  • The temperature you are wanting to achieve
  • The type of floor coverings you have.
  • The price you pay for electricity

Running costs will also depend on the external temperature, how warm your home is and (as previously mentioned) the length of time the under floor heating is in use

As a simple rule Hotwire under floor heating costs approximately 2c per m2 per hour.  This is based on running full capacity for 30 minutes while heating, then cycling at 50% of the time following the first 30 minutes.  What this means is that the running cost of under floor heating can be no more than a standard light bulb and lower than an overhead heat ray lamp.

Hotwire under floor heating is a touch of luxury you can add to your home without breaking the budget.

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