How Does Underfloor Heating Work

How Does Underfloor Heating Work

Unlike other heating options which heat the air, underfloor heating radiates warmth from the ground up.  The radiant heat produced by underfloor heating brings warmth to the floor level which is beautiful and cosy.  The heat distribution is more even than conventional heating methods with the warmth being controlled by a sophisticated yet easy to use thermostat which ensures the heat is on when and where you want it.

Hotwire heating is a type of electric under floor heating. It is available as either Under Tile Heating or In-Screed Heating.

Under tile Heating

An ultra-thin heating element is placed directly on top of the sub floor.  The flooring is then simply laid over the top. As the element is so close to the floor surface your home will be warm in 30-60 minutes.  The element heats up when the heating system is switched on, heating the floor surface.  This is what provides the lovely radiant heat.

Hotwire provides two types of Under Tile heating.  These are Hotwire spooled element or Hotwire heating mat.

In-Screed Heating

In-Screed heating is ideal if you are installing a sand and cement screed over a floor surface.  The element sits approximately 40mm deep in a screed and spreads an even warmth throughout the entire room.

A fully programmable touch screen thermostat is included with all Hotwire underfloor heating systems.  The thermostat can be programmed to switch on your floor heating when you want it, whether that be when you get up in the morning or when you arrive home after a day at work, ensuring your home will be luxuriously warm.

The Hotwire Heating website has heaps of helpful information. Why not take a look for yourself?

Remember, Hotwire Heating is here to warm not only your home but also “warm your soul”.

How Does Underfloor Heating Work

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