Hotwire Thermostats

Hotwire thermostats are the control centre of your underfloor heating.  Hotwire offers a range of thermostats to suit your requirements.  From a standard push button unit right through to a WiFi model which can be switched on and off at any time no matter where you are.

Let’s look at each of Hotwire’s thermostats to give you an idea of what they can offer you.

WiFi (Model HWSMWiFI)

This is Hotwires latest WiFi thermostat.  It comes complete with Google Home and Amazon Alexa connectivity.  Simply download the app to your smart device and enjoy total control of your underfloor heating anytime, anyplace.

Touchscreen (HWGL1)

The HWGL1 is the standard model included with all Hotwire systems.  It is fully programmable with a glass touchscreen.  The HWGL1 is available in white, black or silver.  You can always upgrade to a different Hotwire thermostat if you want to.

Dual (HWGL1 Dual)

The Hotwire Dual Thermostat allows you to control a heated towel rail and floor heating on separate schedules from the one controller.  It looks like the HWGL1 but has two “zones”.  Zone 1 controls underfloor heating and has the same functionality as the HWGL1.  Zone 2 controls a heated towel rail.  It acts as a timer meaning you can set when your heated towel rail switches on and off.

Towel Rail Timer (HWGL1 TR)

With this controller you can set and forget your heated towel rail. Simply program the HWGL1 TR for when you would like your heated towel rail to switch on and off.   What this means for you is no more cold towels after your bath or shower.  Instead, lovely warm, dry towels will greet you.


This standard model is included with underfloor heating systems purchased at Bunnings.  It is fully programmable 24/7.

As you can see you will be sure to find the perfect controller for your underfloor heating.  With so many different models, styles and colours on offer there is sure to be one to fit your lifestyle.  Click here and check each thermostat for yourself.

Hotwire Floor Heating Thermostat
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