Thermostats and Controllers

Hotwire offers a range of thermostats to suit your needs. From a standard push button unit right through to a WiFi thermostat that you can turn on and off from anywhere in the world. Simply pick the model that best suits your requirements. If you are unsure, contact us on 1300 HOTWIRE and one of our staff will be able to help you work out what is best for you.

Current Models

Hotwire Floor Heating Thermostat
Model: HWGL1

This is the standard model included on Hotwire Systems. Glass face and fully touchscreen.

Hotwire Floor Heating Thermostat
Model: HWGL1 Dual

The Dual Thermostat allows you to control a Heated Towel Rail and Floor Heating on separate schedules

Model: HWTH Horizontal

This HWTH Horizontal offers all the same functionality as our standard thermostat but is installed Horizontally.

Model: HWSMWiFi

Our latest WiFi Thermostat with Google Home and Amazon Alexa connectivity.

Previous Models

thermostats and controllers
Model: TR8100v

This was the standard model on systems purchased pre 2016. It is fully programmable 24/7

thermostats and controllers
Model: HW WiFi 2

WiFi Model. The WiFi Model even connects to the Google Home System. Click the Videos link to see the various functions.

thermostats and controllers
Model: HW/WiFi

WiFi Model. Download the manual or search your App Store for SWATT OJ

thermostats and controllers
Model: HWTH1

This is the standard model included on systems purchased at Bunnings. It is fully programmable 24/7.