Hydronic Heating vs. Electric Underfloor Heating: Which Is Better?

Hydronic Heating vs Electric Underfloor

Which is better? Hydronic or underfloor heating? Let’s find out using three simple criteria!

1. Upfront Cost

In terms of upfront cost, electric underfloor heating systems are much more affordable than hydronic systems because the latter is so much more challenging to install. You’ll not only have to hire a professional to do it for you, but you may have to spend serious cash on raising your floors in case they don’t have enough space for the system underneath.

Electric systems, on the other hand, don’t only require a significantly smaller initial investment, they’re so much easier to set up as well, especially if you use something like our ready-to-install heating mats.

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2. Flexibility

But even if you don’t use heating mats, electric underfloor heating systems are generally easier to set up because you can install them either on top of the slab or subfloor without really significantly affecting the height of your floors.

The heating element is usually as thin as 4 mm, so it can be completely absorbed into the tile glue.

3. Heat-up Time

One of the biggest drawbacks of hydronic heating systems is that they can take several hours to fully heat up your floor, especially if they’re installed in slab. In contrast, electric systems are usually ready in under an hour.

Some electric systems, like the ones we have, can also be controlled via Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so you can start them up on your drive home from work so your place is nice and warm when you arrive.

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