Say Hello to Even Home Heating With Heated Floors

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If even heating throughout your home is what you’re looking for, then heated floors are what you need. They’re specifically designed to provide you with just that.

But can’t heaters, air conditioners, and other similar systems do the same? Well, not really.

The problem with other heating options

The amount of heat you get from air-based systems such as heaters and air conditioners relies heavily on where you are in the room. Stand too close to your unit and you’ll be too hot. Stand too far and you’ll probably end up in a cold spot. This is because these systems use fans, which are, by design, more powerful in the space right in front of them.

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So, you either get more than one unit and scatter them strategically around your home or just accept the fact that you’ll never enjoy even heating.

That is, of course, unless you move away from air-based systems altogether.

Enter: under tile heating

Heated floors, by design, solve the uneven heating problem common in other systems—and it all boils down to physics.

Since hot air naturally rises, the best place to start heating your home is the floor. Doing so eliminates the need for fans. The heat will spread throughout your home on its own, providing just the right amount of heat in every corner of every room.

And since under tile heating systems, as their name suggests, are installed under your floors, they also completely eliminate the need for you to install standing or wall-mounted heating units in your home, leaving space for other more important things.

Switch to heated floors today!

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