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heated towel rails

At Hotwire we are very excited to launch our new range of Heated Towel Rails. We have completely updated our entire range to include some amazing new features, colours and styles. The warehouse is stocked to rafters with boxes of new heated towel rails. 

Heated Towel Rails have been available in Australia for many years now and in a variety of forms. Like most things in our society new and improved versions are constantly released. At Hotwire we’ve been working on a new range for well over a year and are very excited to release it to market.

So why should you look at the new range?

1)     Built in Timer

One of the main questions and concerns that people have been choosing a heated towel rail is “How do I turn it on and off?”. There are a variety of ways that this can be achieved with most rails. Install a switch on the light switch panel, connect it to a timer or simply plug it in. Why not have a timer built into the rail where it makes the most sense? 

Introducing the built in timer by Hotwire. One button to turn the rail on or off and another to give you two hours or four hours of operation. 

Simple, easy and it looks amazing.

Heated Towel Rails Remote

2)     Colour range

Hotwire first introduced Heated Towel Rails 12 years ago. 99% of the market was chrome or stainless steel finish. 

Now the market has changed and so have we. Hotwire rails are now available in 5 different colours. Chrome or Stainless steel finish, Brushed Nickel, Black, Gun Metal and Brushed Gold. 

So whatever bathroom you are designing, Hotwire has the colour to match.

3)     Styles

Colours have changed and so has bathroom design. The new range from Hotwire is available in 3 different styles, Curved, Flat Round and Flat Square. There are two different sizes in each style. So again whatever look and style you are going for Hotwire has you covered.

4)     IP Rating

This one gets a little technical but can be really important. The IP rating dictates how far away from a water source, like a shower or vanity, you can install a heated towel rail. The new range from Hotwire is IP55. Here is a great article from one of our clients explaining IP ratings in more detail. 

In most cases IP55 enables the rail to be installed in Zone 1 in your bathroom.

5)     Outlets

With Hotwire available at hundreds of outlets across Australia there is sure to be a retailer near you. If not, we also have plenty of online partners to choose from.

6)     Backup and support

The Hotwire range comes with full backup and support from one of Australia’s most recognised brands in this space. Hotwire is trusted by some of Australia’s best known companies to deliver quality products and support you can rely on. 

So there you have it, the latest range of Heated Towel Rails available from Hotwire. Available now from a retailer near you. 

Beaumont Tiles
L and H
Renovator Store
Cass Brothers
Routleys Bathroom
Harpers Bathroom

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