Which Floor Heating Company do Tile Glue Companies Recommend?

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Which Floor Heating Company do Tile Glue Companies Recommend?

There are a lot of factors to consider when you are choosing which Floor Heating company is the right one for you. Warranty, customer service, product quality installation network etc. 

As tiles are the most common floor surface to be installed over floor heating, one of the key considerations is which company do Tile Glue Companies recommend? Afterall if the floor heating affects the tiles and they start delaminating you are going to have significant repair costs. 

If delamination does occur, your entire floor may need to be removed and relaid. This can be very costly and obviously extremely inconvenient and messy. So it is critical that the right tile glue is used for the exact specifications of your project. 

At Hotwire we work very closely with both Ardex and RLA who are two of Australia’s biggest tile glue Companies. We’ve been working with them both for many years and enjoy the support of each other’s products. 

We approached both companies and asked if they would be willing to provide an endorsement of Hotwires floor heating products. Without hesitation, they provided the following. 

Fabian Morgan is the Regional Managing Director Oceania for Ardex. He was very happy to provide the following endorsement of Hotwire. 

“Under Floor Heating is a growing market in Australia.

More and more people are adding floor heating to their new homes or renovations.

Ardex have a history of aligning with quality brands and with this in mind we are pleased to endorse Hotwire Heating as our preferred brand of floor heating.

Hotwire products have been tested with Ardex glues and levellers and passed with flying colours. Full specifications are available on our website or from Hotwire directly.

Hotwire Floor Heating is available at retailers across Australia.

Yours Sincerely.

Fabian Morgan.

Regional Managing Director Oceania”

The endorsement can be downloaded here

Troy Hogan Managing Director of RLA provided the following, 

“As the Under Floor Heating market continues to grow in Australia it is important for RLA to recommend a great product in this space.

With that in mind, we are very happy to recommend Hotwire Heating as our preferred supplier of Floor Heating products.

Full specifications are available on suitable RLA products to use with Floor Heating from our Website or directly from Hotwire.

Hotwire Floor Heating is available at retailers across Australia.

Yours Sincerely,

Troy Hogan

Managing Director RLA”

The endorsement can be downloaded here

Whether you are a tiler or simply looking to ensure that you use the best products available in your new renovation or build, these endorsements should give you peace of mind with Hotwire products. 

Full specifications on both companies’ preferred products for use over floor heating are available on their websites or by contacting Hotwire directly. Both companies do have specific recommendations for tiling over floor heating so please make sure you use the right product in your home. 

If there is any further information that you need to assist in your decision making for your new project please do not hesitate to contact Hotwire. 

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