Get More Out of Your Hotwire Heated Floors With the Smart Life App

Have you recently installed or are thinking of investing in Hotwire heated floors for your home? We’re sure you’ll be happy to know that our products are among the easiest to operate underfloor heating systems around, thanks to their ability to connect to smart home apps.

Today, we’re going to show you how you can get more out of your heated floors using the Smart Life app. Let’s dive right in!

Control your under tile heating system from anywhere

Forget standing up and walking over to a thermostat to adjust your heated floor’s temperature. Just pick your smartphone or tablet up and do it from there with a couple of taps from wherever you are in the house—which is super convenient for when you’re in the bathroom or about to go to bed.

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Automate everything

Is turning your heated floors on and off still too much of a hassle? Just automate everything! Simply use the Smart Home app to set fixed start up and shut off times for your Hotwire heated floors, as well as your desired temperature, for the entire week and you’re done!

Connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa

Got Google Home or Amazon Alexa at home? You can also use the Smart Life app to connect your Hotwire heated floors to either system and unlock voice commands and other useful features, making keeping your home warm even easier and more convenient.

Prevent unintended use

Got little kids constantly running around the house? Don’t risk having them accidentally turn your heated floors on or change the temperature by enabling the Smart Life app’s one-tap child lock feature.

Upgrade your home heating experience today!

Give these simple tips a try and see for yourself just how smart your Hotwire underfloor heating system can truly be!

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