The perfect studio apartment heating solution Hotwire Heating in Coffs to Cali studio apartment Written by Simon & Ash Vos

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When it comes to the Australian climate, there is a misconception that underfloor heating is expensive to fit, hard to install and costly to run. What we learned in our reno is exactly the opposite. With our ‘no worries’ Aussie attitudes, we can sometimes forget the importance of a well insulated and heated home for our families and guests. A Hotwire heated home provides warmth from the cold, as well as a touch of luxury underfoot.

In our Coffs to Cali project, we had a downstairs area that was cold, drafty and needed a heating source for visitors who come to stay. Due to the small size of the build, we couldn’t install much in the way of a bulky heating system, while we were talking bathroom heating with Hotwire, we learned that it was the perfect solution for our entire studio space.

Why ?

As the studio is a self contained unit, we wanted to limit the need for heaters and bulky air con systems, we also didn’t want to store a dusty fan heater option, as I (Simon) have allergies and need to stay away from anything that moves dust around. In the studio, the bathroom is quite close to the living and bedroom area, we chose Hotwire heating as it is safe to dry the floor from excess water from the shower and suited for all tile surfaces. It was a win-win to ensure no extra water moves into the living area and the natural tiles have a beautiful underfoot warmth. The system is a safe heating option, with warmth under-foot in 30minutes with the programmable touch-screen thermostat.

We used in screed hotwire heating system in the studio, it took no more than half an hour to test, lay and tape, test again and get ready to screed over the top. For a DIY person, this was easy and cost effective. For those wanting a professional install, the Hotwire team has a recommended list of installers in your local area.

Features :

  • Easy to install
  • Small box delivery, no hassles postage
  • Cost effective way to add luxury to your renovation
  • Little to no extra reno time involved
  • Can be DIY or fitted by a Hotwire listed installer

Where we used Hotwire :

Studio apartment floors and bathroom

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