COVID 19 Help

We have all been affected one way or another by the current COVID 19 pandemic.  It is certainly testing everyone’s resilience physically, mentally and financially.

Here at Hotwire Heating we want to be able to do something to help during this difficult time.  We understand that there are many people in our community who have been planning or are part way through building their dream home or long-awaited renovations.  These plans may feel like they are out of reach due to COVID 19 especially if your income has been affected.

To help ease the financial burden Hotwire would like to extend a 20% discount to you.  Simply go into any one of our retailers and they will be able to help.  There is absolutely no need to prove anything.  No need for bank statements, tax details or information about your dad, mum or grandparent’s financial situation.  Your word is good enough for us.

We need to rally around each other.  Together we can get through this.

COVID 19 Help

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