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A bathroom in Winter can be a cold, icy place or it can be a sanctuary. One of the main design features that can help you change your bathroom from the place you try and avoid in winter to a place that is nice to spend time in, is Hotwire Floor Heating. Hotwire Floor Heating is not only luxurious but probably cheaper than you think to purchase and run. 

The Ultimate Comfort with Hotwire Heating


Imagine the luxury of that first step into your bathroom in winter, when the tiles are radiating warmth and heating the entire room. Hotwire Floor Heating delivers gentle, consistent warmth. We’ve outlined why Hotwire is a great choice for your new bathroom. 

Efficient and Energy-Saving



Hotwire Floor Heating systems are efficient and heat quite quickly. Generally in 1-2 hours. As every system is supplied with a fully programmable thermostat, you can simply program the system around your lifestyle.

Floor heating distributes the heat evenly across the floor, ensuring there are no cold spots and your bathroom is beautiful and warm. 

Most bathroom-size systems are around 600 – 700 watts. Most overhead heat lamp products are approximately 1500 watts. So your floor heating system is much more efficient and cheaper to run. 

Easy Installation and Versatility


Hotwire is also very easy to install. We have Australia’s largest network of qualified installers. So no matter where you are in Australia, we probably have an installer nearby. 

Our systems are designed to be installed on almost any subfloor and under almost any floor style. 

So whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one you are almost certain to be able to use Hotwire in your new bathroom. 


Safe and Reliable

There are no safety or health concerns with Hotwire. We have another blog dedicated to this topic.

There are also no safety concerns from an electrical standpoint. Hotwire products have all had rigorous testing to ensure that they adhere to the electrical safety standards in Australia. 

Luxurious and Modern 


Beyond the basic functionality of heating, Hotwire also improves the overall look and feel of your bathroom. 

There is no need for a heating duct, radiator, or heat lamp unit. This means your whole bathroom has a better design and overall atmosphere. 

Why Choose Hotwire Heating?



It is a great question and one that we are asked a lot. 

We’ve addressed the question in this video, 



In short some of Australia’s largest and best-known brands supply and trust Hotwire. We’ve also been on The Block for 10 years now. 

You can also have a look at our Google Reviews. We have more reviews than any other Floor Heating company in Australia. Many of them address our customer service. 

Comprehensive Warranty


We stand behind our products and service, with generous warranties and backup support. You can be assured that we will look after you in the future. After all, we’ve been helping Australians build homes they love to live in since 2003. 



Transforming your bathroom with Hotwire is a great investment and one you definitely won’t regret. 

Reach out to our team, we can’t wait to help you get Hotwired. 

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