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Helping you build homes your clients love to live in.

HotWire provides beautiful, cosy, even heat for all parts of the home and is especially suitable for wet areas. A truly automated heating system to suit your lifestyle.

Why choose HotWire




Easy Install

Hotwire is the best heating choice for your builds

Floor Heating Installer Australia-wide
Hotwire adds value to the homes or renovations you build.

Thermal comfort is an invisible factor that can make a huge impact in a client’s satisfaction. By adding Hotwire to your new builds or renovations, you can be sure that you serve this ‘luxurious feel’ to the homeowners.

Hotwire has a network of installers Australia-wide.

Wherever your project is, you can be sure that we can send a highly-capable installer over. You’ll be sure to meet your timeline and have a positive progress in your project.

Hotwire has a great reputation.

We know how important reputation is in this business and dealing with a highly-reputable company will only add positive values to your business.

Amazing quality products.

Hotwire not only provides competitive products in the heating market, we provide top-of-the-line commodities! From towel rails to underfloor heating systems, we’ve got you covered.

Is radiant heating right for Aussie homes?

Underfloor heating is the easiest and most economical way to heat a home; it also adds value to the house, aids the environment, and ensures an even heat throughout the space.

Floor Heating Installation Australia-wide

How does Hotwire work?

Heats Fast and Even

Once you turn on your Hotwire system, it only takes 30 minutes to warm up your space. The heating elements emit heat from the floor up, giving an even heating free from cold spots, and ultimately creating that comfortable environment.

Complete Control

Hotwire kits come with thermostats so your client will get full-control on their heating system, and tailor-fit it to their lifestyle.

Energy Efficient

With Hotwire installed, there will be no need for additional heating. Hotwire covers a large surface area at a fraction of a cost. Running costs can go as low as 2c per m2!

Invisible Heat

Unlike traditional heating systems, the heating element is buried within the floor and only the thermostat can be seen, which can easily be tucked in a closet. This also equates to more space and no bulky radiators to spoil the decor.

Hotwire Installation in 1 Minute

Projects Featuring Hotwire

Unit Development Heating

Unit Development

Hotwire was installed in 30 Bathrooms across 16 units. Including WiFi thermostats. Project by The Schachter Group.

Aged Care Home Heating

Aged Care

Linlec used Hotwire in all 24 Bathrooms in this residential aged care facility. Project by Linlec Electrical.

Unit Development Heating

Townhouse Development

87 Bathrooms with Hotwire across 26 Townhouses. Project by Marcus Group.

Kensington Park Heating

Kensington Park

300 Bathrooms across multiple apartments all with Hotwire.

Urban Living Heating

Urban Living Multi Level

Urban development. Multi Level apartment complex.

Retirement Complex Heating

Multi Level Retirement Complex

Variety of rooms and solutions offered for Retirement complex.